wilds in their tame state

Bring a piece of wilderness into your daily life.

TAME is a sculptural furniture range made up of the FOX and BEAR seating, DEER coffee table and the WOLF planterwith the same anthropomorphic philosophy.

When walking in a forest you might expect or hope to come across a fox. You might also come across a bear. TAME, as an example of visual storytelling, is exceptional, because these forest animals symbolize human emotions and narrative through their shapes, movements and simple presence. TAME reminds us that we were born wild, but, with time, learn to be tame, be empathetic towards each other, and find a balance between our instincts and awareness. 

The furniture represents a protective wolf, riveting deer, a playing bear and a sleeping fox as we see them in their natural, calm, tame state.


The WOLF has a multifunctional purpose thanks to the hollow vault created by the method of production. The center hole of the ring provides place for a hydrocultural pot. This function as a centered planter is also a way of paraphrasing the territorial defense instinct of the wolf.




The wakeful deer, looking backwards, shows continuous, unbridled attention.
In a position of silence, its spiral shape lends a multi-detailed yet elegant form to the furniture. 




The bear feels large and soft, just like a big plush toy. We wish we could snuggle up into it like we would into an armchair.

Tame bear →



The peculiar feature of the FOX is its swinging and twirling tail. 
Ears poking out of the fox’s mane became soothing and alluring to the touch.

Tame fox →