Like wild animals in their habitat, Edit Szabo’s sculptural furniture adapt to historic and contemporary architectural styles as well as natural spaces.

Their clean, closed forms only occasionally display protruding body parts or jutting bones, leaving the rest to our imagination. It is up to us to complete their images, and we ask ourselves just how close we can allow the wild animal to come?

Beyond the allure of their functional qualities, the furniture awakens the call of the wild in us. What seems from a distance to be a geometrical form reveals the contours of an animal on closer inspection. We instinctively reconcile the animal of our imagination with the form in front of us. It invites us to touch the pieces, their pleasant curves lead our fingers to discover fine arcs and previously undetected details. Much like approaching a tamed beast, we begin with cautious strokes, its calm energy gradually emboldening us to more unrestrained, playful inspection. 




The animal forms simplified into pure geometric shapes display moments of realism, while the sensuality of their curved forms invites touch as a means to understanding their true figures.

Edit Szabo’s creations pour material into finely wrought forms using a sculptor’s tools as well as artisanal skills. They exhibit finely crafted details and unique features, whose careful shaping is evident during the production of prototypes through to manufacture of the final product line.

By hand and sculptor’s tools she creates her pieces from noble, long-lasting materials thatage aesthetically, preserving their value. While this slows the creative process, in exchange the quality of her pieces does not diminish, even over long periods of time.