Frequently Asked Questions


What is the price of the TAME products?

The price  depends on the number of pieces ordered, the custom glazes and the shipping costs. For a quote please contact us with the following information:

  • the number of the wanted products
  • the glaze colours wished
  • the exact address (at least city-level) you want the items to be shipped.


What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs cannot be determined in advance, we always ask for a fresh quote from multiple delivery companies. For a shipping cost quote, please let us know the exact address (at least city-level) and the number of pieces ordered.  We will reply soon with usually at least two options - a slower and cheaper or a quicker and more expensive one. Conditions may vary.


How much is the order time?

The order lead time (from the order received until it is delivered to you) adds up from two sections, the production lead time and the shipping time.

Since the TAME seatings are manufactured by hand on order, they have a production time. First, the glaze colours should be determined. The TAME FOX and TAME BEAR seatings could be ordered in fire-red, matt graphite, graphite silver, mother of pearl, white, old gold and bronze glazes. It is possible to order with custom glazes, but they may have an extra production time and additional costs depending on the ordered units.

Then the glazing, firing and drying and quality check of the items need some time, which is:

  • 35 days between 1-5 pieces ordered
  • approx. 65 days for 6 or more pieces ordered

After this, the products are ready to be delivered. The shipping time is defined on the actual quote of shipping companies, you will receive this together with the quote for the TAME seatings.

Occasionally, your order might be in stock already, in this lucky case, the production time could be saved.


Is it safe to transport ceramic objects?

Each TAME seating comes with a safe packaging wooden crate with handles and wheels for safe transportation and easy move. The shipments are always insured as well, but it is very important to check the integrity of the objects upon arrival in the presence of the delivery staff, as this is the base of a possible complaint.

Although the TAME seating are made of ceramics, they are made from industry-grade materials, with comparable to construction concrete (compressive strength: 100 N/mm2, bending strength: 20 N/mm2). For a thorough strength test, please watch our video.


How can I pay for a TAME product?

After a confirmed and accepted quote, you will receive an invoice, which could be paid with all major credit or debit cards or via PayPal. Transactions via PayPal offer an extra layer of buyer protection. For US citizens, PayPal also offers a 12-months credit. Edit Szabo is a London-based company operating under EU laws and regulations.