Edit Szabo created her Traditional Limited Edition series TAME BEAR to exploit the technical possibilities of ceramics in attaining the highest quality. The limited series will consist of 12 unique pieces. Each piece will be created using a different open-firing technique with a traditional historical precedent. The goal of this limited-edition series is to keep a balance of traditional ceramic methods and contemporary impresses. 

“Early in my art studies, I recall standing before hundreds of flames spitting out from an imperfectly built brick crust in which my large sculpture was fired, and felt a deep connection with the ceramic material being born. Controlling the power of fire and developing an ability to transform material has fascinated me ever since. From that moment my profession and goals were established for good. From this early “alchemist” phase also came my interest in innovation, leading me to design acoustic covers, furniture, and other objects; the focal point of my interest was to find the strange connection between space and object, voice and form, light and touch. I know now that I am looking for a balance and connection in the complexity of the dependencies between various media.”

No. 12/1 WHITE - TAME BEAR - The Art of Flames and Ashes

This delicate wood-fire technique allows for special firing effects. Flames saturated by acacia ash paint the surface of the glazed TAME BEAR.

Here, the angles and direction of the flames, combined with falling ashes, highlight undetected details of its shape. In the last stage of the wood-fire process, the clay body transforms to a translucent and soft material responsive enough to take the chemical change from the acacia ash.

Ultimately we used a temperature of 1320 C in the kiln.

The limited edition TAME BEAR pieces blend in marvelously in the interior of the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest, Europe's best (and world's fourth best) hotel.